About Whimsy’s By Krista

Whimsy’s Closet opened on September 4, 1997, as a small shop of Liz and Jane Clothes and gifts.

From there we have expanded to be that little store that has a little bit of everything.  Susan J. Olson retired in November of 2023. A couple of years before her retirement, she asked her employee of about 7-8 years if she would ever want to “buy a little clothing store”. Krista was overjoyed that Susan thought of her her so fondly. Fast forward to April of 2024, Krista Burkel purchased Whimsy’s from Susan and Whimsy’s By Krista opened her door on Friday, April 5, 2024.

We enjoy ourselves and want that for our customers, too.   

Please feel free to ask for help, and to believe us if we say it looks good.  We have been known to say “We can do better than that.” Or just plain “Nope” to a sweater or whatever that doesn’t work.  

We belong to a buying group that allows us to bring special pieces from New York.  When a special price comes our way, we pass it on to you.    

We want you to feel like this is your store; that this is where you can express yourself with a special outfit that says you are you.  

And then bring us back pictures so we can enjoy, too.  

Questions for Whimsy? Please ask!